If you have just entered the world of marketing, of course you will be familiar with the terms SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing). You need to know that these two terms are a method to introduce the website that we manage to search engines.

Currently, there are many companies that offer SEO services such as Fesney or placing advertisements on search engines using SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Then which of these methods is the most appropriate, effective and efficient?

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SEO is a method that is usually done by internet marketers to make the website they manage appear on the first page on search engines. In general, companies will hire an SEO expert to analyze keyword competition and then determine the price. This SEO service will do some optimization so that the website appears at the first page.

But it should be noted, if using the SEO method it takes months for your website to rank first in search engines. If it appears on the first page, then you are required to pay for the SEO experts so that the website you have managed continues to appear on the first page.

Well, technically this SEO method tries to guess the search engine algorithm in order to get to the first page. Generally, SEO plays a lot on website page titles by entering keywords in all website page titles. This sometimes makes a website that has been SEO optimized look weird.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is an optimization method that is almost the same as SEO, but the difference lies in the optimization carried out using SEM, almost all of which are paid. The trick is that you register on Google Adwords in keyword selection, determine the cost per click, determine the daily budget, create an ad, enter your credit card number and then 15 minutes later your website will appear on the first page of Google.

The costs incurred are limited to the capabilities that we have budgeted. Now, for this SEM service, we are not required to change the website structure as a whole, just make the website that we manage to be comfortable to see, both in terms of design and in terms of the information that will be presented so as to give a good impression to your website visitors.

Comparison of SEO and SEM


From the comparison table above, it can be concluded that SEM is more effective and efficient when compared to SEO in marketing through search engines. However, to compensate, you can do your own SEO by writing articles or content according to our business concept.

Write quality articles or content and doing SEO optimization everyday, this will certainly make your website number one on the search page.

Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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