How to Check Website Speed ​​Easily? Check Out These 7 Ways!

Nowadays, website speed is one of the main factors for Google to rank websites. With a fast site speed, you can easily get into the main search rankings. To check all these things, we can use a website speed checker site. So what are the sites? Come on, read this article to the end!

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What is Website Speed?

Website speed is one of the most important aspects that need to be considered, especially for website owners. Website speed needs to be considered for all websites ranging from blogs, portfolios, company profiles, business websites, online stores and other types of websites.

Website speed can also be checked using various tools available on the internet today, the faster the better the results. For this reason, website owners need to check the website regularly. 

What is the Fast / Ideal Website Speed?

With so many websites circulating today, internet users are certainly confused with so much content circulating in cyberspace. This also results in the short amount of time they can set aside to view the content that interests them. For this reason, a website is expected to appear in a fast time. 

According to Google research, 53 percent of visitors will leave your website if it takes more than three seconds to load. In fact, a quarter will leave a website that doesn't appear within four seconds.

Benefits of Website Speed ​​Check

Before you start checking website access speed, you also need to know what it is really important to check website speed and here are some explanations:

Google Ranking

To determine the rating on search results, Google will also look at various factors and one of them is the speed of the website you have. If the website loading is faster, the better the value of the website you have in the eyes of Google. This factor also applies to search results on desktop as well as mobile.

Long Term Impact

If your site has a slow loading speed without any improvements for a long time, this can have a negative impact, you know! Not only will the bounce rate be high, the conversion rate is low, and it won't appear optimal on search results pages, your consumers will stop liking your brand.

Affect Income

Visitors who run away because of a slow website could be potential visitors who are ready to spend their money or contribute positively to the content you create. Of course, this will have an impact on the income you have previously projected.

Good Impression

Web speed is the first impression a visitor will get. If the first impression is bad, then that impression will stick in the minds of visitors for a long time. Consequently, they will not return and may even talk to others about their bad experiences.

Bounce Rate

The importance of website speed is not only because of its impact on conversion rates, but also bounce rates. Visitors will not want to linger on your site or navigate to other available pages if they know how long it takes to load. This happens because of a bad user experience or user experience when visiting your site.

Factors Affecting Website Speed

There are several factors that affect website loading speed. Including the following:

Server Locations and Specifications

If the server location is closer to the visitor's country location, they will access it faster. Because if the server is in another country, the connection has to go through many different open networks, thus spending more time to access it. 

Therefore, if you have purchased hosting, please prioritize choosing a local host provider or a server, avoid using shared hosting for better website performance.

File Size, Images, Videos on Website

Images or videos are one of the content that can support a fact, and also to make visitors more interested in reading the information. But the thing is, most images have a fairly large file size, and it certainly takes a lot of data to download them.

It's good, the file that you will upload on the previous website must be compressed first so that the size is smaller. Large files will make website loading slower, so the smaller the file, the faster the website will load.

Plugins on the Website

For you WordPress users, it is not recommended to use too many website plugins. WordPress plugins will make the server work harder so that the effect has an effect on the website loading speed. For that, minimize the plugins used, just adjust to your needs.

Number of HTTP Requests

When a user visits a website, the browser sends multiple HTTP requests to access the website content. However, if your website has redundant images, CSS, and JavaScript, it may take longer to process the request, reducing page loading speed. 

The development team should use CSS Sprites to reduce HTTP requests and the number of files on the page. Minify JavaScript and CSS files to reduce load times and bandwidth usage on websites.

Wrong Use of Theme

Themes are one of the features provided by the WordPress platform so that users can build websites professionally. However, it should be noted that some themes are said to make site performance slower. Especially themes that have a lot of designs, widgets, javascript, and much more. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to use a simple, simple, minimalist theme, but still look professional.


The widgets that you use on the website can also affect the speed of a website because there are several action buttons / buttons that can slow down the loading speed of your website page.

For that, you must be very selective in choosing the widgets used on the website. Choose widgets that are really needed and reduce the number of widgets that are less efficient.

Website Source Code

To create a website, you definitely need the source code so that the website can run and have good capabilities. Because apart from being the framework of a website, the source code also plays a role in the website's ability to operate.

However, if there are more lines and commands in the source code, the website will take longer to process it.

Internet Connection Speed

The last factor that affects internet connection speed is internet speed. If your connection speed is slow then the process of opening the website takes longer too.

How to Check Website Speed

The ways to check website speed that you need to know are:

Google PageSpeed ​​Insight

This tool made by Google will help you analyze the content of your website. Then, tell the loading speed in the form of a score (scale 1-100). The higher the score, the better.

Not only that, this tool will also explain what parts of the website you can improve so that its performance can continue to improve. Scores and analysis results are displayed not only for desktop, but also for mobile devices.


GTMetrix is ​​quite a popular name among website speed check tools. Because, this tool does provide a fairly complete feature to analyze the loading time of your website.

In it, you can find out what is slowing down your website. The indicators used are quite specific. That's why GTMetrix is ​​suitable if used by people who are familiar with the technical side of websites.


With Pingdom, you can test the speed of your website from several locations. Starting from Asia, Europe, North America, to Australia.

Based on the results of the analysis, you can see various factors that hinder the speed of your website. Examples such as image size that is too large or HTTP request problems.

Page Scoring

This site can also find out how fast the rendering speed of your website is online. By going through in various browsers (Chrome, Firefox and IE). This site is also good because it is in great demand.

Sucuri Load Time Tester

Sucuri is a fairly well-known security plugin on WordPress. In addition to measuring the level of website security, Sucuri also provides tools to measure website speed.

This tool focuses on comparing the speed of websites from various locations. Then, displays a graph showing the results of the speed comparison. So, you can immediately know from where your website is most quickly accessed.

Web Page Test

In the Web Page Test feature, you can use it if you want to check the speed of the website you have. The features on this page test website are a large percentage of the size of the website based on images, fonts, HTML, and Javascript in Pie form. 

KeyCDN Website Speed ​​Test 

This tool is a great alternative if you are looking for a simple website speed check tool. Because it looks simple and the analysis process is quite fast. Just like the previous sites, the KeyCDN website speed test can display your website speed score. Then, reveal the factors that hinder website speed

Not only that, you can also see the loading speed of each type of website file. For example like CSS, JavaScript, and the like. This feature makes it easier for you to find the culprits that are slowing down your website. 

Well, that's how to check website speed easily, there are also many website speed check sites that you can use for free. Now you just have to check the speed of your website with these sites. From the results, you will know the steps that need to be taken to optimize your website.

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