Top 5 Best and Fastest Browsers in 2021

Using the internet or browsing is an activity that is included in everyone's daily lifestyle today. Many people can spend hours continuously surfing the internet and therefore, choosing the right browser is an important decision. 

Of the many browsers available, choosing a browser that is safe but still fast so that it can support comfort while browsing can be very confusing because you don't know certain descriptions and details. 

In this article, we will discuss the 5 best browsers for surfing the internet so you can choose the most ideal browser to use!

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5 Best and Fastest Browsers 

In this article, all browsers will be assessed in terms of security, speed, performance as well as additional elements and features they have. 

Thus, here is a list of the 5 best and fastest browsers that you can pay attention to to support browsing comfort. 

Google Chrome

First here is the most famous and frequently used browser, known as Google Chrome. Google Chrome was created by Google in 2008. Google Chrome is one of the best browsers because of many additional features and designs that make surfing the internet more comfortable. 

Google Chrome has an attractive design and can load pages quickly. There are several features that make Google Chrome the first option such as; collection of passwords , simple page views, bookmarks , and dark mode menus for some websites. 

Because Google Chrome is one of the browsers that is often used, it makes chrome one of the browsers targeted by hackers. However, this chrome browser has very high capabilities and has reliable security. 


Opera browser has been established since 1995 and has become one of the most trusted browsers because it has made several innovations such as tabs, CSS, and search fields.

One of Opera's advantages is the VPN feature that is included on the web. With the VPN feature, Opera offers more secure privacy so that it can protect your data while browsing the virtual world. 

Opera also uses the “Chromium page-rendering” engine so you won't run into mismatches and performance will be fast. In addition, Opera also has a lower drive space so it doesn't take up a lot of memory. 


Ranked third, there is Firefox which is the result of an open source project from the Mozilla Foundation. The browser that was founded before Google Chrome has features that are no less good, such as; Features reading mode, PDF reader and blocking ads. 

In addition, like other browsers Firefox offers a variety of extensions that can be used by its users. The existence of a multi-account container extension can allow you to be able to do multiple logins on the same page with different tabs. Then, Firefox also continues to prioritize online privacy so that security does not need to be doubted.

Mozilla's browser can support HTML5 and CSS new capabilities and now offers service password management is complete (Lockwise) and can control various passwords that are difficult, synchronize passwords between devices , and securing everything under the master password is strong. In addition, you can also pay to buy a firefox VPN service. 


The next browser is Safari which is the default browser for Mac and iOS users. Despite having a different interface on mobile and desktop, Safari has advanced in several areas for browser capabilities.

For example, Safari was the first browser to have a reading mode that could remove ads or videos from the web article you're currently browsing.

Recently Safari has also added a new feature, called fingerprint protection. This feature can prevent the web tracker from identifying your system spec. 

Another advantage of using the Safari browser is apple pay and sign in with Apple's features to replace Facebook and Google. 

Microsoft Edge 

The best browser at number 5 is Microsoft Edge which is an update from the previous legendary browser; Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is built by Chromium in an open source way like Google Chrome and Firefox.

In terms of features, Microsoft Edge has similar features to other browsers such as; customization, privacy, and security features. In terms of performance, Microsoft Edge has similar capabilities to Firefox, but in terms of users, Microsoft Edge has a larger number of users than Mozilla Firefox. 


In the end, privacy as well as speed are two big points to consider when choosing the best browser while surfing the internet. Of the many browsers available, some of them will load more memory and data, while there are some that will not load too much data. 

There are some browsers that offer complete security tools to protect your identity, but there are some that allow cookies and advertisements to continue running. So, make sure you choose the most appropriate and suitable browser for your own use. 

The five browsers above are just recommendations from Fesney, so of course there are many other browsers you can consider.

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