Difference Between SEO Articles and Regular Articles

Want to know the difference between SEO articles and regular articles? You are on the right page. And this article is a real example to find out.

As a company engaged in digital marketing services, writing content can be said to be a mandatory activity for most teams. That means, we need a love for the writing process itself.

It covers the challenges of constantly exploring new topics, learning about new subjects, and sharing views on the need for a content marketing strategy. From here, we quite understand the difference between SEO articles and regular articles.

How to write a regular article, maybe dwelling on how to make it interesting and easy to read. Meanwhile, writing SEO articles in addition to these points, the author also needs to consider how the article is well-optimized for search engines.

From an SEO perspective, articles must not only be interesting and easy to read according to basic writing standards, they also need planning on how these articles can be found in search engines. This is clearly related to how to define targeted keywords .

Let's look further..

Selecting Content

So, let's first understand what SEO is. Simply put, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategy to improve a website so that it gets a high ranking in search engine search results. Read more at: What is SEO

A high SEO ranking is important so that people can easily find your content, when they are looking for topics relevant to your content.

The main goal of an SEO article writer is to attract search engine traffic and get high rankings.

On the other hand, normal content writers are writers who are free from such demands. The difference between SEO articles and regular articles is the 'pattern and purpose' of the content.

SEO article writers are very selective about their content and don't add superfluous thoughts or words in their copy, whereas casual content writers can experiment with their content with ease.

Using Keywords

As has been briefly mentioned, one of the main differences between an SEO article writer and a regular content writer is the use of keywords.

Before starting to write any copy, SEO article writers should look for key phrases or keywords that will reach more traffic.

The use of these keywords is an important step that must be done. An SEO content writer must intelligently use all the keywords given to them. So that their website gets high ranking for the keywords in Google ranking page.

Sometimes, keywords are irrelevant to the topic and this is where the real work for an SEO content writer comes into play.

They have to make smart moves to match the keywords, for example in the headline and introduction, to several other elements.

You can see the closest example. Namely this page, which targets the keyword “the difference between SEO articles and regular articles”

You can see, throughout the article I've added some keyword repetitions. That includes the article title, opening paragraph, URL to the image alt tag.

Now, from the topic it is clear that, most of the readers are curious about the related topic. That includes you.

And this article is aimed at people like you.

Writing is a great job, but not for everyone. You need passion and dedication to be a successful normal content writer. With a love for writing, the above points will definitely help you become a successful SEO content writer.

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