What is Inbound Marketing?

To establish a more engaging (closer) relationship with consumers, several strategies can be done. One of them is through the "Inbound Marketing" strategy.

Basically, inbound marketing is a marketing activity that is done to help you get more consumers, and even make them loyal to your business.

If you are a businessman, have you ever done an inbound marketing strategy? In this article, we will discuss what is inbound marketing? How to do it, and discuss the differences between inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy used to attract attention, build relationships (engaging), and make potential customers interested in your business.

Inbound marketing can be done by creating quality content and providing benefits to potential consumers so that they trust and are interested in using the products or services you offer.

Inbound marketing is usually done by creating blogs, social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and others.

Inbound Marketing Methods

To make it easier for you to understand inbound marketing, you also need to know the methodology. According to HubSpot, the inbound marketing methodology consists of 3 stages, namely Attract, Engage, and Delight.

What is inbound marketing?

A. Attract

At this stage, you convince consumers to use the product or service that you offer. For example, Jatley is a digital marketing agency that provides various digital marketing services for its clients.

One of the services they offer is SEO services. To convince their clients, Jatley provides quality content and benefits their website visitors, including content that discusses SEO.

The following is an example of an article paragraph that contains an Attract element:

“One of the techniques that can increase the popularity of your business online is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This technique is an attempt to increase the number of visitors to your website and optimize its ranking on search pages. In other words, SEO will make it easier for your website to be found on search pages. "

The example above is one way to convince potential customers by creating an article that discusses the advantages of using SEO for their business website.

B. Engage

After making your potential customers believe in the importance of SEO for their business, now is the time for you to turn them into potential buyers.

Use tools that can help you, like creating landing pages or email marketing.

Here I will use a landing page, usually, on the landing page, there is a CTA (Call To Action) button which is useful for directing website visitors to do something according to business goals.

Here you can use the CTA button to direct visitors to contact you via WhatsApp or fill out a form to use your SEO services.

Here's a template for creating a landing page:



1. Title

1. A = Main Title, usually the main title contains keywords ( keywords ).

1. B = Sub Title 1, contains a brief explanation of the main title of the landing page.

1. C = Sub Title 2, Can contain the tagline of the product or service being offered.

1. D = Closing Sub Title, this title contains words that make your potential customers more confident to use your product.

2. Photos or videos about your product or service.

3. Product Description

3. A = Contains a brief description of the features, benefits, and functions of your product.

3. B = A more complete explanation of point 3A.

4. Testimonials about your product or service.

5. CTA (Call To Action).

In addition to using a landing page, you can also do email marketing. Where this strategy, you can also offer products or services to the target audience (potential consumers).

C. Delight

Now it's time for you to do the 'delight' stage. At this stage, you can use the email list that you got from the engage method earlier to communicate with potential customers.

You can send attractive offers such as ongoing promotions, price discounts, or new features from your SEO services directly to their email.

In addition, you can also show a portfolio of SEO services that you have. This will increase your credibility as trusted SEO service.

Creating infographics or videos related to your services will also increase the credibility of your business.

Difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing

In addition to inbound marketing, you also need to know about outbound marketing so you don't make mistakes when implementing it.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to reach consumers from outside (outbound). The media chosen for marketing is TV, telephone, or advertising.

However, this strategy has 3 weaknesses that you also need to pay attention to.

  • Not paying attention to consumer personas so that the marketing that is run is not necessarily accepted by the right people (less targeted).
  • Marketing is disruptive or tends to impose on potential customers, causing things that are detrimental to your business.
  • Requires more cost and time.

Inbound Marketing

This marketing strategy is inversely proportional to Outbound Marketing. This marketing is done by making potential consumers interested so that the marketing process can run well.

One of the most common inbound marketing practices is providing useful content. When potential customers receive the benefits, it is possible for them to be interested in the products or services offered.

Media that are generally used when doing inbound marketing are Social Media, Blogs, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and so on.

Ready to Do Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing can be applied to various types of businesses, both from small and medium-sized businesses to large-scale businesses. You can use this marketing strategy to do marketing, sales, and serving your clients.

Because when consumers are happy with your business services, it will certainly have a positive impact on your business. And of course, your business will also continue to grow for the better.

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