International Summer Student Programme 2022
HZB offers an eight-week summer student program to 20 undergraduate students each summer. Students from other countries can have the opportunity to collaborate with scientists on their research projects. Students can participate in the day-to-day activities of our research teams in their laboratories or experimental areas at the HZB campuses in Berlin-Wannsee and Berlin-Adlershof. Site visits to the BESSY II synchrotron radiation source, laboratories for solar energy research, and an accelerator that produces proton beams for treatment of eye tumours are part of the programme.

Are you currently pursuing a degree in Physics or Chemistry? Do you want to do a practicum in Berlin during July and August? This could be the right opportunity for you.

Deadline for applications is February 7, 2022.

  • Apply procedure
  • Only applications are accepted via the application form.
  • Deadline for applications is February 7, 2022.
  • Only completed and appropriate applications will be considered for the next stage of the selection process.
  • Documents are required
  • Only English-speaking applicants will be accepted for the selection process.

Academic CV
Your CV should be presented in tabular format and in chronological order. It should reflect your most significant career and educational achievements. Your CV should not exceed two pages.

Transcripts, and academic degree certificate (if available)
Copy of your most recent academic transcripts that gives an overview of your marks (Please ensure that the document isn't protected so we can open it).

  Confirmation Of Enrolment

The certificate of enrollment must be valid through August 2022.
Students of any German university should include the respective Immatrikulationsbescheinigung of their current university.
Non-EU or Non-EEA students need to have a working permit for Germany. To obtain the Certificate Of Enrolment, please click here. This form is the only way to prove that you are a student.

Copy of a passport or ID card in English


A letter of recommendation must be written by someone who is familiar with you as a student and can evaluate your professional conduct.

Conditions for International Summer Student Programme

 This program is only available to those who meet the following conditions:

  • You are currently a student in Physics, Chemistry or Material Science, but not a PhD candidate. At least two years' full-time university study must have been completed in your major discipline.
  • During your stay at HZB, you will still be a student.
  • A good command of English is a must.
  • A letter of reference must be submitted by the deadline for the application period.

We will only consider complete applications that are in English or German for further consideration.

 Additional information about the program

  • HZB has 20 spots available for program participants.
  • Stay duration: July 4, 2022 to August 29, 2022
  • Working hours 40 hours per week
  • Presentation of poster at the end

HZB provides you with:

  • A 8-week internship contract to work on a specific project.
  • Subsistence allowance of 1800 EUR gross for external participants, and 1000 EUR gross for students at the universities in Berlin and Potsdam.
  • To help with travel expenses between Berlin and your home, you will receive a 500 EUR subsidy.


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