University of Ottawa Entrance & Excellence Scholarship for African Students Studying in English 2022
The University of Ottawa is proud of the diversity of its international students and is constantly looking for ways to improve this diversity. The University of Ottawa will continue to grow its reputation as an outstanding post-secondary institution in Africa by offering the Scholarship for African Students studying in English. This scholarship follows the Differential Tuition Fee Exemption Scholarship that was offered to international students who studied in French. Students studying in English in Africa will be able to access a number of pilot programs across three faculties at a substantially reduced tuition cost.


All newly admitted international undergraduate students in Fall 2022 are eligible for this renewable scholarship. They must be African citizens and study in English.


Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

1.   You can be an international student with a valid permit to study.

2.   You can be a citizen of one of the African countries or territories.

3.   You can be admitted to one of these undergraduate programs in English or French with the French Immersion option.

  • Faculty of Social Sciences: Anthropology; Sociology; International Development and Globalization. Conflict Studies. Public Administration
  • Faculty Science All programs except for the Honours BSc (Biochemistry / BASc) in Chemical Engineering, Honours BSc (Physics / BASc In Electrical Engineering; and Honours BSc(Ophthalmic Medical Technology).

1.   Be enrolled full-time

Renewal Criteria

The scholarship may be renewed for the same amount as at admission.

1.   Continue full-time enrollment in the undergraduate program where the student was admitted.

2.   At the end of each academic calendar year, have a cumulative grade-point average (CGPA), of 5.0 or more

Spring-Summer Criteria

Students who enrol full-time for the Spring-Summer term are eligible to receive their entire scholarship instalment subject to meeting renewal criteria.

The scholarship can be renewed at 50% for part-time Spring-Summer terms, provided the student enrolls in at least 6 units during the Spring-Summer term (i.e. 2 courses).

50% of the 12 installments are eligible for a part-time renewal.


1.   This scholarship cannot be combined in conjunction with the Excellence Scholarship to African Students Studying in English.

2.   This scholarship cannot be combined in conjunction with the Differential Tuition Fee Exemption Scholar for international students studying French

3.   This scholarship cannot be awarded during COOP work terms.

4.   The scholarship will be terminated if there is a temporary interruption to studies or part-time registration or if the student is a special one.

Award value: $12,500/year ($6,250/term).

Unlimited number of awards

The award is given for the most frequent: Renewable

Program of Study: Undergraduate

Contact: Financial Aid and Awards Service

Deadline for applications: Offer automatically


 All students who are eligible for the award will be notified. This scholarship is not open to everyone, but recipients will need to prove their citizenship in order for the first installments to be paid.


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